About Us

Hello! Welcome To GirlyGirlsOGCollection! My Name Is Teonah In I'm The CEO Of GirlyGirlsOGCollection Before I Decided To Create A Website I Worked As A Retail Sales Manger Fulltime For Over Ten Years! While Working Fulltime I'm Also A Mother Of Seven Wonderful Children My Youngest Two Boys Has Autism So I Was Forced To Go Parttime Witch Eventually Lead To Me Working From Home So I Thought Why Not Find Away To Do Something That Interest Me Since I'm Home With Not A Hole Lot To Do? In Since I'm A Girly Girl Someone Who Loves Lashes A Good Lip Gloss Nice Cute Lil Outfits Hair Ties ETC So Thats When I Decided To Create This Website I Want Everyone Who Shops With Me To Be Able To Enjoy These Same Items For A Reasonable Price. I Hope That Everyone Who Shops With Me Have A Great Experience? And Remember I Knew Nothing About Sale In Products Online But I Stepped Out On Faith In If I Can Do It With No Help You Can Do It Thanks For Giving Me A Try.